Sustainable Beauty x Miss Universe Japan

Last March I had the pleasure of speaking about a topic that I hold near to my heart. Sustainable beauty has been something that has captivated my attention for quite sometime now. I’ve always seen skin as the best accessory anyone can have. Considering it’s our largest organ we do a lot to neglect it. We have no issues buying a $13 juice in the hopes to “detox”, spending hundreds of dollars a month to stay in shape, or meticulously counting each calorie or paying close attention to the ingredients in what we ingest. What a lot of us fail to realize is that our skin has a large absorbency rate and from the lotions we slather on our skin/face, to the unknown chemicals and carcinogens that inhibit our favorite makeup, fragrances, or even deodorant can vastly contaminate our pores and bloodstream.


I see beauty as a complete circle. We start from within, move to the outside and then work our way back around. The things we eat directly affect our skin. So naturally, if we eat well we can use those same ingredients to topically apply to our skin. Beautiful skin doesn’t necessarily mean buying a bunch of products either (though I do love a great moisturizer and facial cleansing water). If you eat clean it’s fair to assume you keep a rather clean kitchen, which means you already have a lot of good skincare staples you’re unaware of. Encompassing readily available resources that you’ve hand selected is a big part of sustainable beauty to me. I feel so fortunate to be able to share my insight to the finalists for Miss Universe Japan and for having personal trainer Tomo Ikezawa help me utilize TOTAL Foods and TOTAL Workout as a platform for spreading skin awareness to all.