Alexandria Yamazaki
Alexandria Yamazaki
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Who is she?

Photo by    Mekael Dawson

Photo by Mekael Dawson

Alexandria was born and raised in Seattle and began travelling at six years old; which gave her a unique perspective of the world at a young age. Seeing the world through this lens developed an early appreciation for the imagery that is created through both still photos, and motion pictures. This, combined with her affinity for fashion, is where her love for modeling began. Alexandria is represented in Los Angeles, New York City, and Tokyo. As her experiences and chaotic travel schedule grew, she soon realized how important wellness and sustainability was. Being a green beauty enthusiast, she continued her education at the New York Institute of Aromatic Studies and is a certified Level 1 Aromatherapist. She is a contributor to Total Foods (a food and lifestyle brand created by fitness empire Total Workout) and produces trending articles surrounding food, fitness, beauty, and wellness primarily in Los Angeles and New York City. Want to know more? See her interview here



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